Chocolate fountain will founded usually at the wedding event. Catering Surabaya vendor such as berkah catering already made the chocolate fountain package at sweet corner package. The chocolate fountain as functions to make chocolate fountains automatically without having to bother. You can dip various fruits, sweets, cakes, pastry, marsmellow, or ice cream into the chocolate crusher. So you will find chocolate wrapped fruit that certainly feels sweeter and more delicious to eat. Chocolate fountain has a fairly simple work system. Where the chocolate bars that are inserted into the machine will be thawed and then diluted with heat. The melted chocolate is then flowed from the top of the engine and continues to flow down to cover all the terraces of the chocolate fountain machine and resembles a fountain. Melting chocolate that continues to flow is very interesting to see, which of course also invites impatience to immediately enjoy it.

Made from basic materials of good quality and certainly safe for food ingredients. So that guarantees the quality of chocolate that will be eaten. Chocolate fountain itself is often used in parties, buffets, banquets, garden parties, or other events. The sleek design of the chocolate fountain will certainly add to the aesthetic value of the decoration or theme of the event you are holding. Having a chocolate fountain on your event will make the event even more special and every guest will be impressed.

With the Chocolate Fondue Fountain chocolate machine, guests can dip various types of fruit, fruit, cheese, pretzels and other snacks into the liquid chocolate melt stream. Liquid chocolate can also be added milk as a variety of flavors. How it works The liquid chocolate machine maker Chocolate Fondue Fountain is a chocolate machine that has a basin at the bottom, which makes chocolate runny. The chocolate must be pulled into the center cylinder, and finally, it is sent vertically into the upper part of the fountain. The end result is a little of the liquid chocolate waterfall. Invitations can be dipped in marshmallows, strawberries or biscuits and other foods according to their own tastes.

Chocolate fountain usually consists of a chocolate machine with a basin at the bottom, a central cylinder, and a terraced arrangement with a number of steps varying. There are engine variants with 3 arrangements, 5 arrangements, and 6 arrangements. The chocolate machine will make the chocolate bar become liquid. The melted chocolate is then pulled into the central cylinder and flowed to the top of the fountain. From the top of the chocolate will plunge down continuously. Thus the liquid chocolate will drop like a brown fountain and have a sweet taste. As a variant you can add milk or other ingredients to the melted chocolate bar. The fountain chocolate machine is easy to clean, which is enough to disassemble the machine, wash it thoroughly, then wipe it to dry.

The advantages of using Chocolate Fountain:

– Using a chocolate shower machine You don’t need to manually brown the chocolate because everything takes place automatically and can present a large amount of chocolate at once depending on the capacity of the machine used.

– The process of melting chocolate becomes easier and simpler with the right level of dilution and chocolate does not quickly freeze as long as the engine is turned on, this is because the chocolate fountain machine will continue to heat the chocolate to keep flowing like a fountain.

– With a chocolate fountain machine you will have a beautiful and attractive event decoration because the chocolate shower machine will make sure the liquid chocolate continues to flow profusely from the top and flood the terraces so that you will get delicious dishes and beautiful chocolate fountain decorations at once.

– Using a chocolate fountain machine you will get the perfect liquid chocolate texture that is easily attached to a food variant dipped in it because chocolate is heated using an engine heating system from an electrical energy source.

– The chocolate fountain machine is easy to clean without having to bother because the machine is made of good material that is easily disassembled and cleaned, so it won’t take a lot of your time.

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